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Aiden Thompson is a fully registered PHECC paramedic and qualified first aid instructor for the past twenty years. It’s because Aiden delivers such a high standard of training and instruction to the public and businesses that he was chosen from multiple first aid instructors in the Northwest to represent the Irish Heart Foundation as their only instructor delivering their Hands For Life program.

Aiden has worked as a winch man/winch operator and crewman trainer within the Irish Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 118 for 15 years.

During this period Aiden has completed many rescues in treacherous situations and conditions, therefore he has ample experience dealing with both trauma and medical life threatening emergencies.

It’s because of theses lived experiences that Aiden can deliver real life scenarios to his students and Aiden always allows as much time and hands on training as is required so that each student leaves his class both happy and confident in their own first aid abilities.

Aiden Thompson
Aiden Thompson
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